It’s Time to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Home Roof

Home RoofWinter season may cause extensive damage to a roof. This is the reason fall is a great time to ensure that your roof is well protected from the harsh weather condition. If not detected early, roof damage can have a huge impact on your pocket. You may need a roofing service to thoroughly check your home and make some repairs. Make dealing with the most common roof problems easier by determining when it’s time to prepare your roof.

Inspect your roof

Industry professional Wesley Green Roofing recommends checking your roof for possible signs of deterioration. Examine the deck for thinning out portions within the membrane, cracking joints, loose shingles and caulk. Examining these areas may be difficult if doing it on your own. A roofing service can help assess the condition.

Check for leaks

Roof leaks are a major problem during winter as they allow snow and air in. Leaks also promote fungus growth. Have a roof contractor repair and seal al the leaks to lengthen the life of your roof.

Clean the gutters

Debris tends to accumulate during spring and your roof may be full of twigs and leaves. These often lead to water and ice build-up that can severely damage your roof. Clean your gutters and ensure they are fastened properly. Gutter guard systems keep the debris from reaching your gutters. Roof contractors can help you fix this system to your roof.

Inspect the flashing

Examining the flashing of your roof is important. The metal strips prevent the chimneys, pipes and skylights from leaking and causing further damage to your home. If these metal pieces are not secure, you should get them replaced before winter.

Winter requires homeowners to focus more on roof maintenance due to the damage the ice causes. You may not be fully equipped to handle this on your own. Hiring the right roofing company can give you the peace of mind when the cold season comes.