Is It Time to Clean Your Drains Yet?

Clogged drainThe sewer line is a major part of the plumbing system; however, most people rarely pay attention to it. Regardless of the ignorance, your sewer pipeline is essential in maintaining a hygienic home. In case of a sewer line clogging, you are at a high risk of water-borne diseases if you do not take prompt action.

Take a Closer Look!

Everything around you is always sending signals to you; you need only identify the signs and interpret them correctly. Your sewer is no different and will notify you when it is time to seek drain cleaning services in Salt Lake City. Some of the common signs it will send your way include:

Strange and Foul Smell in Your Home

Nothing annoys more than a foul smell in your home. In normal situations, you can restore the water plug to fix a smelly drain. However, if this doesn’t resolve the problem, the cause of the problem is in the drains due to sewage back-up.

Clogged Drains

A clog in the drain pipe causes a backed up drain. Slow drains and clogging warm you that there is a deeper problem in the sewer line. A plunger can fix this problem, but a professional plumber is the best candidate for this task. The plumber will conduct a video inspection to locate the root cause of the problem then deal with it.

Water Stains in Your Basement

Your basement is the lowest part of the house, thus sewage back-up commences there. Water stains in the basement are enough indication of a problem with the sewer line. Take prompt action to prevent damage to your basement floor.

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As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take care of your property. Frequent maintenance of your sewer system keeps it in good shape and increases the value of your home. Lastly, cleaning your drains in Salt Lake City is a task that requires the use of specialized equipment, hire professionals to do the job and clogged drains will be history in your home.