Is It Possible to Build An All-Around Tool?

Swiss Army KnifeThe Swiss army knife is known worldwide as an all-around tool that can be useful for virtually any situation. It first began as a tool that could help soldiers open cans and disassemble rifles (which needed screwdrivers). Designers began adding other implements to the knife, turning it into the versatile tool it is today.

An All-Around Tool

The success of the Swiss army knife is hardly a surprise to anyone who’s ever seen or used one, but can that same success extend to other things? Why didn't, instead of screwdrivers and can openers, someone build a Swiss army hand tool? An implement that combined the most essential material handling equipment into a single instrument would be a welcome addition to any tool belt.

This would probably really silly, but a lot of the things that we use today began as silly ideas, and this one might be as useful as its knife counterpart.

Hand Tool Hunger Games

Before anyone can seriously consider this kind of tool as a possibility, however, there needs to be a few considerations. Not even the Swiss army knife can accommodate everything, and designers often spend weeks deciding which implements they should include into their latest models.

This probably eliminates any kind of tape, as well as anything with any moving parts such as silicon and sealant guns. But, there might be some merit in trying to combine those two.

Must Be This Big To Be Included

The next thing to consider would be the scale. Certain tools need to be a specific size before they can become effective. A good example would be hand scrapers and clamps; there’s nothing more frustrating than owning a scraper or clamp that is too small.

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Not Your Regular Lego

Once both those issues get their respective solutions, comes the most difficult part – designing how to make them all fit together. The same spring lock system that the Swiss army knife uses could theoretically work. But, copying the system entirely is out of the question since the result would be too bulky to be practical.

This final piece is the last obstacle that keeps the all-around hand tool from becoming a reality. But, all it takes is a little out of the box thinking to overcome that hump once and for all.