Interior Wooden Doors: Which Wood Should You Go For?

wooden door

Interior doors are not only functional; they also bring about an aesthetic element to your home. They provide privacy, improve the efficiency of the heating and cooling system, and block sounds between rooms.

Wooden doors are the most commonly used type of doors in home interiors. This is attributed to their low cost, versatility, and ease of maintenance. However, not all wooden doors are suitable for your interior setting. Here are some of your best options when it comes to interior timber doors for your home.

White oak

This type offers both style and function for your home’s interior design. It is crack and water resistant, making it ideal for bathrooms, recreation rooms, and children’s rooms. It likewise has an asymmetrical grain with minimal knotting, making it perfect for staining and painting. It is available in myriad colours, ranging from rich brown to pale yellow. It is also affordable compared to other wooden door options with the same characteristics.


The wavy grain nature of the cherry wood makes it a perfect option for contemporary and decorative interior doors. It also has high resistance to warping and damage, making it suitable for almost every room in your house. It likewise takes staining perfectly, giving you the option of a deep red finish or a pale, almost clear natural finish.


This is among the most affordable types of solid wooden doors. It is a sturdy, medium-density wood, making it perfect for sound and heat insulation. It is available in various colours, ranging from a greenish-yellow to light white.

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Note that the most desirable categories of interior doors will offer you both insulation and durability without straining your budget. In addition, choose a door type that you can maintain, so you can uphold your home’s value and the interior décor.