Interior Design Crash Course: Learning the Basics

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renovate homesInterior design is one of the most important arts that combine form and function. It’s also one of the oldest disciplines in architecture. Royalties and opulent people long ago employed the services of architects and other people from the arts to decorate their homes and make them more lavish.

As interior design is a long standing and elaborate art, there is an established set of elements and protocols professionals use and follow. They may vary from one designer to another, but the most basic ones are universal. Below are some of them.


Space is perhaps the easiest concept to understand in interior design. Perth interior designers say that gauging the scopes and boundaries of the space give them a clear picture of how it will look like in the end. More importantly, the measurements allow them to make the most of the space without compromising form and function.

Balance and Rhythm

Balance speaks of the distribution of aesthetic items inside the room. It can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. In some cases, it can be circular. Rhythm, on the other hand, refers to the repetition of the way things are distributed within the space. Patterns may also be an element of the rhythm.


Colours are an important element, as they set the mood of the space. When considering these, keep in mind that different colours correspond to different psychological moods. For instance, violet and purple depict rich and regal impressions, while deep blues and grays represent manliness.

Other than these three, you need to consider secondary elements, such as line, progression, scale and lighting. Make sure all these elements suit your needs. If you want to learn more about interior design, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional. Draw inspiration from magazines and other online sources.

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