How You Can Return Timber Floors to Their Original Shine with Refinishing

Wooden FloorTimber floors are beautiful, yet they wear down after years of use and exposure. There are different reasons that cause your home’s wooden floor to lose its shine and beauty. Spills, grit from shoes, drops of liquids or foods, moving furniture, and dog activity can cause any kind of wooden floor to deteriorate. Fortunately, you can call on flooring specialists to refinish your wooden floor for you.

Refinishing Process

Floor refinishing involves the removal of the top layer of your wooden floor that has worn down. Also called as floor sanding, the layer removed will only be a thin layer to keep your floor strong and suitable for further refinishing in the future. After the top layer removal, several layers of polyurethane finish will be applied to the floor to give it its shine and lustre.

DIY Sanding

You can do floor sanding on your own, but you will have to do heavy preparation for it. You can buy a pair of earmuffs for the noise caused by the sanding machines and a dust mask for all the dust left by the process. You also have to learn about sanding machines before attempting to sand your floors. Finally, you can prepare the floor yourself for the refinishing.

Choose Your Specialist

Once again, when you want to stay away from the hassle and time consumption of floor refinishing, Handy Sanders says that you can call flooring specialists to do the job for you. You can choose your specialists carefully. Sanding machines are powerful tools, which require skilled workers. You can ask for specialist recommendations from friends, colleagues, or family, or do research.

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Move Out for the Time Being

A floor refinishing will take a while to finish and dry. During this time, you can move things out of the room where the floor will be refinished. When you plan for a full refinishing of your whole house, if you only have timber floors, you can move out for a few days.

Timber floors may lose their shine and lustre over time, but you can always return them to form through floor refinishing.