How to Make Your Roof Last Longer


RoofingThe roof is directly exposed to the harsh elements like the heat of the sun, wind, as well as physical hazards that can smash into your home during a natural disaster. It is natural that you build it with strong and durable materials.

Choose Strong Roofing Materials

There are many types of roofing materials. Your choice depends on your home’s design or your budget. Each one also has its own pros and cons. The roofing materials that are durable include metal or galvanised iron sheet, plastic polymers, clay tiles, concrete tiles or shingles and slate.

Build a Sturdy Roof Frame

The skeleton of your house roofing, the roofing frame, is where you attach the materials such as galvanised iron sheets or shingles. Home roofing frames are made up of trusses.

  • Use engineered trusses and not the old-style of carpenter-built trusses. Architects and engineers design trusses with metal connector plates at their joints. These are pre-fabricated pieces of wooden structure, which will provide support to your roof.
  • Trusses come in different types and used depending on the roof design of your house. These include Gable trusses, Scissors trusses and M trusses.
  • Once the trusses have been installed into the upper portion of your house, make sure to cover the roof with plywood for added rigidity and overall strength.
  • Use I-beams to provide a certain degree of stiffness, as well as strength, to the ceiling panel to be attached to the lower portion of your roof. You can buy them at your local lumber shop or you can just make them yourself.
  • Use laminated headers especially on sections that are above windows and doors.
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Seek Professional Help

Ask professional help from a roofing product providers and installers. This way you will know what building material will give your roof the strength and durability you are looking for. For the installation, trust only the professionals. Brockelsby Roofing Products says you have to choose installers who are licensed building practitioners.

You should be carefully consider the design and construction of the roof of your house. Not only does it protect your home from the weather and the elements, it also protects you, your family and your investment.