How to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy During Summer

a lawn mower

Summer means trips to the beach and outdoor activities. It means fun time for us humans, but for lawns and gardens, it could mean torture. The scorching heat can suck the life out of green plants, leaving yards and lawns dry, barren, and ugly.

How do you keep your lawn green and cool despite the threats of the summer sun? Here are some summer lawn care tips for you.

Regular mowing

One-time mowing tends to remove too many leaves from the grass. Heat can cause a significant amount of stress to plants, especially when much of its structure is cut off. This can cause the grass to dry out and eventually die, leaving your lawn with scalped and dead patches. This is why it’s better to mow regularly, removing only the tips of the grass rather than trimming them too short.

Use wetting agents

The key to a lush and green lawn is proper hydration, as Greenside Landscaping and other Utah lawn care specialists. Regular watering is not always enough and practical. Fortunately, there are wetting agents made to keep grass and plants well hydrated under the summer sun. These products make it easier for the soil to absorb and disperse water, supplying the much-needed nourishment to the grass. With enough amount of moisture, your lawn will stay fresh and cool all throughout the season.

Remove weeds

Keep your lawn free from weeds and other unwanted plants. This measure lets the nourishment you provide goes only to the grass. Weeds don’t only take away water and fertilizers from your lawn, but may also cause the disease to your grass and make the area look less than perfect.

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Keeping your lawn green and healthy is a challenge during summer. With a little patience though, you can do it. The next thing you know, your neighbors will start asking your secret on keeping your lawn beautiful.