How Much Should You Pay A Tradesman For A Garage Door Installation?

Garage Door Installation

Homeowners in Australia should expect to pay more when hiring a tradesman for a particular project this year, as the average hourly rate increased in 2017 by almost 7 per cent.

If you’re looking for tradies to install roller garage doors in Newcastle, the average cost of hiring a contractor in New South Wales may have reached more than $65 today. The level of expertise could make their cost of labour more or less expensive.

Hourly Rates

While hourly rates in New South Wales increased, it’s still more affordable compared to the rate in Western Australia. Tradesmen in the region may now charge you around $73 per hour on average for their work, which makes them the most expensive in the country.

Those in Queensland have the second-highest rate at an average of nearly $70 per hour. Homeowners in Victoria may likely pay less for contractual jobs, as the hourly rate among tradesmen fell in the previous year. By occupation, plumbers in Western Australia have the steepest rate at $94.44 per hour followed by electricians with $92.24 per hour.

Installation Cost

A garage door installation typically falls under the building and construction type of work. You may spend up to $5,000 this year depending on the size and type of material. Roller doors are the cheapest from $600 to $1,350 for a single-roller type, while a double-roller may cost up to $1,850.

There are do-it-yourself kits that only cost $200, but you would need to pay an electrician for installation. If you’re prioritising safety, consider professional services since they know the best solution for this.

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When choosing a tradesman for the job, pick the one with the most experience in handling different kinds of jobs. It’s best to compare quotes from at least three service providers before making a decision.