How Much Do You Need to Spend for Furnace Repairs?

Man fixing furnace

A broken furnace can be problematic since it provides heating for your home. In the U.S., it may cost an average of around $285 for repairs.

If you live in Utah, the cost of furnace repair here in Riverton may be more or less expensive than in Orem or Salt Lake City. The typical price range for repairs costs between $130 and $450, although you may spend as low as $60 or even up to $900.

Cost Factors

A 24-hour heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) service provider may cost you more, but it will be helpful to hire one especially when you least expect your furnace to break down. When planning a budget, the type of furnace at home will be the first thing to consider for estimating the cost of repair.

You should only pay less than $300 for repairing an electric furnace depending on the problem. On the other hand, propane gas and natural furnaces may cost up to $1,200 each when you need to replace the heat exchangers.

Those who notice strange noises coming from the furnace should stop using it and contact an HVAC professional since a noisy furnace indicates a serious problem.

Repair or Replace

In some cases, a furnace replacement would be more cost-efficient than repairing it. The cost of a new furnace amounts to around $4,000. Some brands can fetch for as high as $9,000, so think carefully if your budget can afford a new unit.

If you have been using your furnace for more than 15 years, then a replacement makes more sense than paying for constant repairs.

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The cost of repairing a furnace may sometimes be too expensive that planning to replace it seems more practical. However, consult an HVAC professional first to know whether your furnace needs more than a simple fix.