How Measurements Determine the Right Fencing Materials

Perfectly installed fenceGetting the right fencing materials and fencing accessories for your property is one of the best investments you can make. To meet your fencing needs and get the right dimensions of these materials, however, you need to take the right measurements beforehand. Where do you start then?

Reviewing Boundaries

Be sure you are not crossing over your neighbor’s property. Double check — even with the help of a local surveyor — if the area where you’re planning to erect the fence is truly yours. You will need to confirm with your surveyor’s office that you are following local zoning codes. These codes help define the type, size and material of the fencing products you can use. This determines the total cost of the aluminum or wooden fence you’re planning to put up.

Marking Out

Proper marking out of the area you intend to fence in follows. This step includes accurately laying out a mock fence around your projected space using temporary stakes and a string that you adjust accordingly to follow the boundaries of your property. You can use the 3-4-5 triangle technique or any other Pythagoras’ Theorem to confirm that square corners are exact right angles.

Is Your Property On a Level Or Sloppy Ground?

Taking measurements on level ground has less arithmetic to do as compared to taking fence measurements of property on a sloppy ground. In taking fence measurements of a slope, you need to determine the degree of gradient. The degree of gradient determines whether you will carry out fence installation using preassembled panels, which further affects the overall aluminum fence cost.

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Obstacles… A Major Factor to Consider

Another factor you need to check when taking fence measurements is obstructions, such as trees, permanent structures, and utility lines. Depending on where the obstacles are, zoning codes and regulations can demand that your fence follows a different line.

Document the measurements properly and double check your plans before you order the fence materials. You can also discuss your options with your fence materials supplier to help you project the total cost of the fence you are planning to construct.