House Painting: DIY or Hire a Professional

House PaintingPutting a coat of paint on a house does a couple of things. It could spruceup the space and also protect the exterior from the harsh elements. Painting your home can be fun, but it can be dangerous as well if you don’t know how to do it properly. The element of danger comes from not having the proper equipment and having to deal with high ceilings and inaccessible spots on the outside. This is the reason there are some things best left to professionals. If you need convincing, read on.

Save time

It is a trade-off between saving your time and saving a few money. If your house is not too big, then DIY is the way to go. Consider this project if you have the time to do it, the desire and the know-how.


According to industry expert Barker-Whittle, painting requires getting on a ladder to reach the corners near ceilings. Though it is safe, distractions and having decorative elements can make the job tougher. Good thing professionals have the experience and the equipment to deal with this task. They also know what to do to meet your needs and expectations.

Work quality

If you have ever seen a job done by a professional house painter, you can tell the difference – they know how to get the job done using a good quantity of paint and no waste. Professionals also know how to get into tight corners and gaps and do it neatly.

Speed and accuracy

A professional painter will either work with a crew or alone. If there is a team, then the work will get done faster as each person will work in a designated area. Professionals also have a better idea of how fast paint will dry and if an area requires more than one coat of paint. So, instead of the job taking months, you will have a brand new and spruced up house in just two weeks. You can use your time to focus on other important things.

There is a lot of prepation to do before starting the home improvement project. Fortunately, professional house painters in Perth can do it better.