Home Renovation Project? Here Are 4 Rad Ideas for You

Home RennovationHave you set your New Year’s resolution? Is it about weight loss and dieting and having that summer bod again this year? If you’re so intent on improving on the physicality that houses your soul, why not improve your actual house?

With eco-friendly materials and advanced building technologies, architectural and engineering experts have found more ways to improve our humble homes. Here are four renovation ideas that you can incorporate in your New Year, New Home project.

Smart Bathrooms

Renovating your bathrooms can be expensive, but the returns are reaped right after your project. Consider atomized shower heads to save on water and help your countrymen in California. Heavenly Walk In Tubs suggests getting a walk in tub and shower and remove that old shower door for a more ergonomic feel. Install grab bars for your elders’ safety as well.

Pastel Kitchen Cupboards

Storage is king in the recent years. Built-in cabinets come with each bedroom, and different-sized cupboards live on the kitchen walls. For 2016, why not upgrade your kitchen cabinets? Paint the surfaces with soft pastels to complement the lively greens in your indoor herb garden. Varying shades of peach, mint green, and soft lilacs will be easy on the eyes while you cook, too.

Industrial Design

If you don’t like pastel colors, you can also change your interiors into an industrial design. Change the old tiles in your kitchen to red bricks like those you see in your favorite cafe. Hang bare, soft yellow bulbs on black cords above your dining table. Incorporate white, black, gray, and metallic colors in your living area, too, and live by minimalism.

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Back to School with Geometry

In relation to industrial design, more people turn to stark, geometric shapes these days. Buy those succulents in hexagonal planters and turn your balcony into your personalized space. You can even buy those adorable washi tapes for your walls and photo frames. Geometry wins this year, apparently.

Home sweet home it is with these renovation themes. Run your ideas with your local builder if you need help with the design and materials.