Home Improvements: What to Add in the Garage

garage door

garage doorRenovations are a great way to provide a decent boost to the charm of a property. And it’s not just the visual appeal that renovations improve, as these projects also have an impact on the value of a house. As a matter of fact, many Australians know of this potential, which is why 25% of homeowners continue to take on different home improvement projects.

But before you mull over the possibility of an extra sunroom or a loft conversion, don’t forget what you already have: the garage. When you want to boost your property value, simple additions work best. Ergo, extra features here and there would do the trick. Here are some ideal additions you should consider:

Door Replacement

Estimates say that when you replace your garage door, you can recoup as much as 75% of its cost. That’s a lot, considering that all you have to do is call a professional to replace a single door.

Replacing it, however, is just one part of the deal. Information from Elite Garage Repairs shows that upgrading the garage door to include motorised functions would improve the numbers further. Plus, it makes the garage more secure.

Roof Upgrade

The typical garage roof uses trusses to hold the structure together. The material is cheap, but the problem is that it eats up a lot of space that could be an attic. Replacing these trusses is the best thing to do. You can change the roof to use storage or attic trusses, so that you can have more space overhead and, in effect, raise the value of the property.

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Storage Installation

Speaking of storage, the most common way of adding value to a property is to add storage. Homeowners need enough space for all their items, which means that when your garage has more cabinets (and maybe even a workshop), it would be worth more. Adding modular storage space will definitely be beneficial for you.

These garage additions all increase the overall value of your property. When you want to earn more from what you own, consider these suggestions for a more charming, more functional, and more valuable home.