Home Heating System – When’s the Best Time to Change It?

Furnace Replacement in UtahTo many homeowners, a furnace is a big investment to ensure their family's comfort and well-being. While most of them may be reluctant to replace it when it's still running, it may be worthwhile to begin looking right before it breaks down. This is true especially when you start noticing the following signs in your system:

The System is Past Its "Teen" Years

Issues often show up after a decade of continuous use. Although regular checkups and maintenance can further improve the functionality of your system, it'll never work the same again once it gets past 15 years, notes an expert from All Hours Plumbing and HVAC. This is because it's the maximum life span of most furnaces.

Your Unit Requires Constant Repairs

Does it feel like your system requires more fixing than usual? If so, perhaps it's about time for furnace replacement in Utah. Generally, repair costs shouldn't exceed half the price of a new one, so if you ever reach that price, it's a sign that you need to change.

Unusual Noises from Your Unit

Clanking, popping, rattling and even banging noises are not normal for a properly working furnace, especially when you turn it off. At this point, there is no need to ask for more questions or proof; it's about time you replace it with a newer and safer unit.

It Poses Health Risks to its Users

Whenever you switch on the furnace, does any of your family members, yourself included, experience unexplained health problems? More particularly, are they feeling nauseous, develop allergic reactions, and have constant eye irritation? If any of these occur, then perhaps the root cause is coming from your furnace. A malfunctioning system often releases fumes that are harmful to people, so be sure to have it checked and replaced immediately.

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Don’t wait for something serious to happen. Take note of these warning bells and do what must be done to your furnace. This is the only way you can ensure the safety and comfort of your family, as well as enjoy the benefits of a properly running unit.