Home Design Fair Highlights Future Trends and Innovations

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All the vogue styles and innovations in home design and improvement gather in this year’s Denfair. The event attracts more than 350 international designers and brands specialising in everything from furniture design to fine art, incorporating their visions into their wares’ aesthetics.

The following are some of the biggest trends the fair highlighted, which the market would be sure to follow in the coming months.

Greyscale Moves Over in Favour of Colour

Seeming to reject the functional yet somewhat bland grey palettes that dominated the market in the last five years, Scandinavian style is all the rage at Denfair with its brighter and warmer tones. As a response to recent architectural trends leaning towards industrial design, colour is finding its way back to staple surface materials like marble, concrete, and steel, seeking to bring these materials more life.

Bringing Back the ‘70s

Much like the fashion cycle, furniture design turns back the clock to adopt more 1970s aesthetic in the form of velvet, indoor flora, and jewel colours at many of Denfair’s booths. Worldofrenovation.com.au notes this 70s resurgence is driven mostly by nostalgia, with the plush velvet surfaces and calming influence of indoor plants bringing familiar home comforts back into households.

Furniture makers have been increasingly influenced by fashion, citing how their creative processes take cues from how fashion moves forward (or backward) to make pieces that stand out from the rest.

Indoor Style Goes Outdoors

One of the newest and exciting elements of furniture design is the adaptability of indoor pieces to outdoor spaces. Tactile and practical fabrics take centre stage in these designs, as well as durability and mould resistance for suitable outdoor functionality. Exhibitors showed off their pieces in palettes of navy, terracotta, black, and off-white, emphasising that the current look for outdoor pieces should an inviting place for relaxation and conversation.

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Home renovators, designers, and home-owners take note: these trends should appear in that frequently visited design house, so get ready for an overhaul befitting the future of homey comfort and striking style.