Here’s How a Dirty Air Conditioner Can Make You Sick

Worker repairing an air conditioning unit

Utah can have hot and humid summers, which make air conditioning units a heaven-sent. But the same appliance that’s making you comfortable may also increase your risk of developing illnesses.

Air conditioners alone don’t make you sick. It’s what you do – or don’t do. If you neglect how your cooling system works and forego regular AC repair and maintenance in Utah, your might experience the following:

Respiratory Problems

While ACs help produce cold air, they also increases moisture both inside and outside the unit. As the levels of moisture go up, your home becomes a suitable breeding ground for microorganisms, such as molds. ACs can release these molds into the air, which you may accidentally inhale. Molds may irritate your nasal passageway or cause allergic reactions that range from mild to severe.

Another way it can trigger respiratory problems is its ability to dehydrate mucus. The dryness attracts bacteria, which then makes you susceptible to infection.

Dry Skin

Not only your nose or throat can experience dryness. In fact, it affects your skin the most. Dry skin can be itchy, so you tend to scratch. This may leave cracks or openings that will help viruses and bacteria get in.

Sick Building Syndrome

Also called SBS, Sick Building Syndrome refers to a general feeling of unwell when staying inside an enclosed building. It’s a hard-to-understand phenomenon since you cannot attribute it to a particular illness. Moreover, those who experience it tend to feel better after they leave the building. While this is more common among those in offices, it can also occur in homes.

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One of the potential causes is poor ventilation, which also develops when air conditioning and heating systems don’t work properly.

Despite these problems, experts agree that the benefits outweigh the risks. Air conditioning helps prevent heat stroke and regulates body temperature, especially during the summer. Nevertheless, you need to maintain the unit regularly. Call an AC repair company to replace the filters correctly, check the condition of the parts, and make sure it distributes air properly.