Hearth of the Home: Keeping Warm for the Winter

Winter Home

Winter Home in Salt Lake CityWinter is coming to America, and with it the blistering frost and chills. With temperatures dropping as low as 26 degrees Fahrenheit in Salt Lake City last January of 2015, you might want to start preparing for it. With just a little over four weeks left, best batten down the hatches and make ready.

Keep friends and family warm this coming winter with this three-part guide.

Warm the Hearth

They say that home is where the heart is. It is also where the hearth is, what keeps everyone warm. If your house still hasn’t been improved or fitted with insulation and heating systems, now is the time. Call up your local HVAC contractor, suggests Action Plumbing, and start bulking up the warmers. Pay a visit to the local furniture store and start looking for furniture and accessories that will help keep the heat in your house such as carpets. These preparations will ensure that you are as warm as a bug in rug when the first snow falls.

Gear Up

With your home now fully-fitted to safeguard you from the frost of winter, you can now turn to your clothing. That’s right. Open your wardrobe. Do you see appropriate winter clothing? If not, then start stocking up. A good jacket or coat for starters. Get some sweaters, thick socks, mittens and boots. Wear heat-retaining clothing so you don’t freeze up whether you stay indoors or decide to take a stroll out in the snowy plains.

Stock the Pantry

House? Check. Wardrobe? Check. Pantry? Well, everyone knows nothing warms a man up better than hot chow. That said, the last thing on this to-do-list for winter preparations, is to stock up the pantry with hot chow. That is, drafting a grocery list consisting of your winter favorites. Food such as canned soup, stock and the like are desirable for starters, as they have good shelf life, and can be used to whip up a gut-warming bowl. Get food items that have shelf-lives that will last you for the season. Just in case the snowfall gets heavy and you cannot buy the local takeaways, you know you have your pantry stocked up.

With still have a few weeks before winter hits, you can start these preparations now. A little goes a long way, and if you make the effort, you will be warm as a pup in a blanket for the next few months.