Guide to Making Your Home Senior-Friendly

Grandparents playing with their grandchildren

One of the most challenging times of our lives is when we realize that our strength is not enough to do the things we want to do. Taking care of themselves becomes challenging for the elderly.

If you have an aging parent who needs assistance and a safer environment, you can make your home senior-friendly with the following tips:

Fall-proof the house

One of the best ways to fall-proof your home is to make sure there is adequate lighting. Seniors are likely to have poor vision. Some pre-existing conditions may also increase the risks of slips and falls. Ensuring that there is adequate lighting will help prevent accidents.

Install walk-in bathtubs for seniors

Most seniors are finding it difficult to take care of themselves. Taking a bath alone increases the risks of slips that can cause injuries. You may buy a walk-in bathtub for seniors to fix the problem. This way, the elderly will not have to lift their leg to get in the tub. A walk-in bathtub will make bathing easier; you can even bring the tub to any room with a faucet.

Install movement sensor lights in hallways and stairs

As much as possible, try to bring all the things that the elderly need in one floor. This way, they do not have to go up or down the stairs to get something or take a bath. If there is a need to go to a hallway, it would help to install lights that turn on with movement or even sound. This way, the elderly doesn’t have to look for the switch and risk slipping or sliding on the floor.

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It can be challenging and costly to modify your home to suit the needs of the elderly. But the cost of the modification may outweigh the cost of hospitalization and medication. Remove the risk by choosing the improvements carefully.