Granny Flat or Second Storey: Which Home Addition Suits You?

Granny Flats

Granny FlatsThere are two kinds of homebuyers — the first prefers a house that’s bigger than what they need, while the second favours the right size and only thinks of relocating or renovating whenever necessary. For the latter, you need to decide whether to expand upwards or build a separate space.

Would you rather add another floor or buy granny flats for sale from Perth designers and manufacturers for your home? Here’s a comparison post to help you:

Purpose and Future Use

Decide the purpose of your new space and know if it will be the same after a few years. Many homeowners build granny flats to give their elderly and teenagers a sense of freedom. Unlike storey additions, however, it’s possible to rent out when nobody plans to stay in them anymore. Newly married couples and single adults are usually the people interested in being tenants in these small units.

Storey additions help increase the value of your home. You can add multiple bedrooms, a full size bathroom or any home feature you like, but you won’t be able to rent it out freely to other people.

Mobility for Family Members

Homeowners who are taking care of their elderly and frail family members prefer granny flats. After all, they would rather walk at the backyard than make the lives of their loved ones harder. Granny flats may be an isolated place, but they would gladly appreciate having their own place.

The problem about adding another floor is the possibility of accidents taking place on the stairs. Many people suffer from severe injuries, some even fatal, falling down the stairs, especially children and those with mobility issues.

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The decision on whether to make a granny flat or a second storey depends on the needs of your family. Know everybody’s situation, so you can better decide which works for them until the long run.