Government Support for Australians: Yes to Home Ownership

Home Ownership

Home OwnershipAccording to the survey commissioned by the Department of Housing and Department of Planning in 2012, Australians prefer to live in the inner central region of Perth. The survey aimed to identify the housing preferences of West Australians.

Unfortunately, the survey revealed that only half of the respondents can afford home ownership. Knowing housing preferences would not change anything if no one can afford them. The good thing is the Department of Housing offers solutions.

Rental Assistance

The federal government, through the cooperation of somenon-government organisations (NGOs), offers rental assistance options. These include public housing, remote aboriginal housing, service worker accommodation and government employee housing.

For NGOs, community housing is an option. Furthermore, the government offers bond assistance and rental loans.

Home Ownership

The home ownership options include Keystart home loans, land and house sales, or shared home ownership schemes. The Keystart home loan options are for public housing tenants, sole parents and people living with a disability. Aboriginal borrowers can purchase homes through low deposit loans and shared equity schemes.

Benefits of Having a Home

The government’s effort to offer affordable housing benefits everyone. Families can be comfortable in their homes, protected against Australia’s weather changes.

You also have the freedom to design the walls, feel the house’s timber flooring or even tend to a small garden. Perth’s says timber flooring makes homes look elegant; just keep it in good condition and you have a house to be proud of.

Home ownership also eliminates one expensive concern: paying the rent. Rent rates are not cheap, especially since many people cannot afford their own house. Unless you prefer renting smaller houses, you will be glad not to pay the rent.

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People feel more secure when they have their own homes. With support from the government, may this great Australian dream of home ownership be a reality.