Good Things Come from Small Lots: Creative Home Designs for Narrow Spaces


HouseDIY channels never fail to show homeowners how they can maximise the space of their small properties for enhanced comfort and value. Narrow block house plans offers a similar concept. The only difference is that these plans are not just for small structures. A number of home plans are available for those narrow lots, as long as you have the right budget and a bit of creativity.

Here are a few suggestions from the builders of Urban Homes:

1. Open Plan Flats

These one-storey structures may look limiting from the outside, but actually have open spaces and high ceilings inside. Just because a property is long and narrow does not mean the flat needs to be the same. Large spaces allocated in different areas of the home provide more movement, especially for the elderly and physically challenged. Open flat plans are perfect for those who have little need for stairs but wishes to maintain spacious living quarters.

2. Two-Storey Homes

If you cannot expand the sides, why not add another level? Narrow lots offer the perfect opportunity to build two-storey homes – or even more. The additional levels do not necessarily have to be the same size or orientation as the first. Discuss with your builder on how your narrow home can have a bigger floor space on its second level. This is kind of home is perfect for newlyweds who want to maximise their lot area.

3. Multi-Storey Homes

For households that exceed four members, a bigger structure may be more appropriate for their daily needs. Like the two-storey structure, the upper storeys need not be limited within the same area space as the first level — as long as the upper floors remain within the confines of the lot’s dimension. With a little creativity and imagination, you can maximise and personalise the space in the upper levels to fit the needs of the household.

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Who says you have to settle for small space? With assistance from experienced builders, you can turn narrow lots into your dream home.