Glass Installations that Add Class to Your Home

Staircase Inside House

Staircase Inside HouseGlass has many interior design applications. This is because apart from making any space look sophisticated and stylish, glass helps make a room look more spacious than it seems. It is also great for homes that receive too little natural light.

When building a new home or renovating, here are several ways you can incorporate glass into your home design:

Glass Stairs

Installing a glass staircase is the simplest way to add class to home interiors. Thanks to the glass’ transparent property, this type of staircase seems like it is not taking up too much space.  Compared with bulky wooden stairs, glass stairs easily blends with any home design.

Glass Balustrading

Glass balustrades are available in two variants: frameless and semi-frameless. With the semi-frameless design, a fixed post is used to hold the glass panels. On the other hand, frameless glass balustrading does not need a fixed post but Instead, uses spigots or clamps. They may look fragile, but frameless glass balustrades are safe to use for indoor or outdoor balconies. In addition, it employs toughened glass to make it more sturdy and durable.

Glass Shower Enclosure

A frameless glass shower enclosure can add a fresh and distinctive look to any bathroom. Its clean cut lines provide a striking visual effect that allows the tile colours to stand out against the glass’ brightness. A glass shower enclosure is also a wise investment, since glass requires little maintenance. It doesn’t have so many metal parts that can potentially collect grime and dirt.

When it comes to home design, glass offers a wide range of applications. It is multipurpose, durable, attractive, and maintenance-free. Glass is also available in different shapes, colours, and styles, which can complement and enhance the appearance of any room. So whether you are installing a new balustrading or replacing an old staircase, think about using glass to liven up your interior space.