Glass Balustrades: Affordable, Yet Stylish

Glass BalustradesArchitects, building contractors, designers and homeowners are enjoying stunning views with custom-made glass balustrade systems. Don’t be left out; get your own balustrades now.

What is a glass balustrade system?

Glass balustrade systems are a striking yet cost-effective solution for stylish and safe staircases, balconies, terraces, pools and gardens. Glass balustrades are made from tempered glass to withstand harsh conditions, enhancing their durability. Besides being shock, weight and scratch resistant, these systems come in various types, designs and styles to seamlessly blend with all indoor and outdoor design styles. Glass is also easy to maintain.

Where to place the balustrade system

There are a plethora of creative choices of where to install your balustrade, either as an outdoor system or indoor system. Indoor balustrade systems are commonly fitted along staircases, escalators, and in bathrooms. Generally, outdoor balustrade systems are tailored and fitted in balconies, along garden and terrace boundaries, and as pool fences

Fitting Glass Balustrade Systems

As Jigsaw Balustrades notes, every balustrade system comes in kits with easy-to-follow installation instructions. You can also access the installation instructions from the manufacturer or certified distributor’s website. By following these installation guidelines, you can easily assemble and even install a DIY glass balustrade.

Balustrades are universally customisable to meet your design needs while following your country or state’s construction standards and building regulations. Working with a glass balustrade system expert will provide you with more design options for your glass barriers. From the colour and the finish of the glass, to the shape, style and size of the balustrade, you can enjoy a customised system for your home or building.

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Enhance your design styles with a modern look by creating stunning views with professionally manufactured glass balustrade systems.