Furniture Placement Basics: Bedroom Furniture

Fully-furnished bedroom

Have you completed organising your living room furniture, and it is time for you to organise the bedroom and are stranded? If yes, you are not alone; the bedroom is usually a tricky room to organise using the right furniture. Most of the furniture in the bedroom is large, and it can be hard to place the different pieces in an organised manner without compromising on the functionality of the furniture.

Below are the basics of setting up your bedroom furniture to help you with organising your bedroom after buying the right furniture pieces:


Dressers are ideal for storing your belongings and eliminating clutter—a common occurrence in most bedrooms. In choosing a dresser, ensure that it can offer adequate storage space. If space is not a limitation in your bedroom, go for a tall dresser and position it along with your wall running beside the bed. Remember to leave sufficient space that allows you to access and operate the drawers in the dresser comfortably.


Nightstands are not only ideal for holding your bedside lamp, but are great accessories and offer storage space. Due to the location of the nightstands beside your bed, look for nightstands that match the frame of your bed. The nightstands should be of an appropriate size to prevent your room looking too busy.


The bed is the largest furniture piece in a bedroom, and so its location is of great importance. The position of the bed should be central to make it easy to place other pieces of furniture and decorate the bedroom. The general rule for bed placement is at the centre of the room and alongside the opposite wall to the bedroom door.

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With the variation in room orientation, it is difficult to get two rooms to look the same. Therefore, find out what works best for a particular room, and then buy the right bedroom furniture to complement your room.