From Louvre to Scandinavian: What’s Your Shutter Style?


Home Shutters in Australia There are endless window treatment options available when it comes to dressing up your home, but one option still reigns supreme to this day — shutters. Shutters are perfect for regulating light outdoors and maintaining privacy in your home. Likewise, shutters in Perth come in a broad range of styles and materials — timber, aluminium, vinyl, etc. — that will surely fit your home’s particular aesthetic.

Different Styles of Shutters
  • Louvre Shutters – Louvre shutters are built with overlapping slats of uniform timber or other material set in a frame. Many houses, regardless of the style, incorporate louvre shutters on their windows because of their timeless look and elegant appeal.
  • Plantation Shutters – Want that laidback, resort style look for your home? Plantation shutters in Perth are your best bet, says These are similar to traditional louvre shutters but are wider and bigger. They can be opened to let air in and closed to protect against cold and rain.
  • Panel Shutters – Panels are solid shutters originally designed for protecting homes against different weather elements.
  • Board and Batten Shutters – These shutters are made from boards that are attached together with battens or crosspieces, and come in different styles such as joined or spaced and square or arch-top.
  • Shaker Style Shutters – These solid, flat panel shutters are useful for effectively blocking outside light and harsh weather elements.
  • Cutout Shutters – As the name suggests, these shutters are typically customised to fit personal requirements. Popular designs include floral patterns, nautical themes as well as geometrical shapes.
  • Café Style Shutters – Reminiscent of shutters you see in Parisian cafes, café style shutters are often louvre and only cover a window’s half bottom portion to provide privacy for customers inside the café.
  • Scandinavian Style Shutters – Distinctive cutouts and colours on board and batten shutters are the trademarks of Scandinavian style shutters.

Now that you know the different styles of shutters available to you, you can decide on the particular design, material and finish to complement your home. However, know that you can also combine these different styles for a personalised design that’s uniquely your own.