Free Your Bathroom from Clutter with a Minimalist Makeover

A modern luxury minimalist bathroom in blue interior

If you can’t make your way around your bathroom without knocking over at least two bottles of shampoo, a soap dispenser, and the entire toothbrush holder, to say your space is too stuffed may be an understatement.

If you have not heard of it – though that is impossible to believe – there’s a thing called minimalist design, which strips a room of everything but the bare essentials. Applying the minimalist concept to your bathroom is quite easy; your lavatory is already a small space that requires not much frill. Designing a minimalist bathroom is a matter of picking only the stuff you will use and nothing else. Functionality is the goal, pure and simple.

Product Purge

Remember those bottles, dispensers, and whatnot? Time to get rid of that clutter, as minimalism means only having items you truly use every day. Reduce everything to one type of each – shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. Store your excess supplies somewhere else.


Clean spaces have no room for seashells and stuff. Your bathroom is probably cramped enough as it is, and any more just robs you of valuable space. Pick one just for accent, and don’t add anything else to ruin your bathroom’s clean look.


Minimalism works only with neutral hues: white, black, cream, gray, and earth tones exude an understated elegance that avoids overwhelming the eyes.


Again, only keep or install the necessary items. Precision Glass says you only want to keep furniture like cabinets, the shower, a glass divider, towel hooks, and bar pulls to avoid any clutter sticking out of your immaculate space.

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Go for materials with smooth surfaces, like glass, steel, ceramic, and stone to create a pleasing, streamlined look. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, these textures reinforce the sleekness emphasized by minimalist design principles.

Minimalism is not merely a visual statement; it’s commitment to an organized, uncluttered way of life that simplifies everyday routines from unnecessary frills and complications. As such, a daily routine like bath time isn’t a bad place to start.