Four Ways to Modernize Any Room in Your Home

modern home designHave you ever wanted to give your home a facelift? You don’t have to give the entire property a makeover to get the contemporary feel you’re looking for. Here are simple ways to transform any room into a modern sanctuary.

Forget the curtains.

Curtains can sometimes make a room feel stuffy and old-fashioned. If you’re going for a modern vibe, ditch the curtains and use double roller blinds, a popular choice for contemporary homes.

Apart from giving your home a minimalist and modern look, blinds are also easier to clean and maintain. And if you happen to live in an area with to-die-for views, roller blinds can give you an unobstructed view that curtains just can’t deliver.

Play with geometric patterns.

Florals for spring? Shocking. While floral patterns can make a room feel ‘homey’, modern-looking homes can go for something much better. Try experimenting with geometric patterns for throw pillows as these are elegant and easy on the eyes. When paired with contemporary furniture, you can create that cosy feel but with a modern flair.

Embrace the open-layout.

Many multinational companies these days are embracing the open-office layout as they design their own ‘workplace of the future’. You can replicate the same futuristic vibe in your home by tearing down the walls that divide most living rooms and dining areas. An open layout allows more energy to flow freely and it could be a better way to entertain guests. By removing walls, you’re maximising the space of your own home.

“Bare” Walls

Ash-coloured walls may seem like they come from the middle ages but these ‘bare’ walls often create a contemporary vibe when paired with the right furniture and home accessories. With beautiful wooden beams in the ceiling and the appropriate lighting fixtures, your home can be both industrial and cosy, akin to places like a café. Exposed brick walls also exude the same vibe.

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In many ways, the old can be new again and vice versa. Creating the modern vibe you want in your own home is easier than you think. Who said you can’t pull off a house makeover on a small budget? You just need to decide on a theme and customise it to your liking.