Four Ways to Create Enticing Window Displays

Window Display Visual marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies, especially for business. One of the most important elements factored by it is window display. Apart from giving customers a glimpse of your brand, it also attracts them to go inside and purchase something. Here’s how to make it happen.

Narrate a Story

Window displays that revolve around a theme are more attractive compared to simplistic ones. Tell a story by putting your brand and current events in mind. For example, if your business focuses on beauty, how can you relate it to Valentine’s Day? Generate a story within those elements and apply the idea in your window display.

Utilize Good Lighting

Good lighting can create a joyful, dramatic, or overall enticing window display. However, it isn’t all about the kind of light you use, but how you use it. Whether you use spotlights, incandescent bulbs, or commercial Christmas lights, the way you angle the lighting fixture can put an impact on your display. Use lighting to highlight focal points and further engage visual stimulation.

Add Elements of Surprise

If you want attention, avoid the predictable. Add elements of surprise in your window display by incorporating unexpected, one-of-a-kind objects. Get crafty by using different materials such as paper, foam boards, wood, or steel. You can also include bold shapes and colors as long as they suit your brand.

Consider 3D Elements

You don’t have to go full sci-fi on this one, but you can if you want to. Three-dimensional window displays are more attractive even when viewed at a distance. Apart from this, they also catch more attention, enticing customers to go inside your store. Do this by angling mannequins, playing with lights, and using diverse display materials.

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Invest in your store’s window display not only to boost your business, but also to create a brand of your own. Invest in lighting and material, and let your creativity shine through.