Four Types of Roofs to Consider When Building a House in Perth

Roof Construction

Roof ConstructionOne of the most important parts of the house is the roof, and the construction of it requires a great deal of thought. Apart from the aesthetics and appearance, you must focus on the materials and architectural design.
Roofs come in different types and designs. To help you decide on the right structure for your home, here’s what you need to know about the four types of roofing design:

Colorbond roofing

Easy to install, relatively more affordable than other types of roof and can withstand extreme elements  these are the things that make colorbond roofing one of the most popular options, especially in Perth where the wind and heat can be very intense. In fact, if you live in a place like Perth, the contractors of Bower Roofing & Restorations recommend installing colorbond materials. Not only is the material sturdy, but this can help you reduce your electric bill, as well. If you’re after something that is affordable and durable, better go with this kind of roofing.

Shell roofing

This type of roof material is a common option for many of today’s homeowners. Shell material works best if the building doesn’t have columns to support the roof. The material looks great and assures owners that there will be little or no leak problems.

Flat concrete roofing

Due to its sturdiness, this type of roofing doesn’t have the tendency to break or loosen during an extremely strong storm or hurricane. Its flat design provides convenience and ease when cleaning the roof and gutters, as you don’t have to balance yourself on a sloping surface. Proper drainage is important to avoid water from collecting and causing leaks on your structure.

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Tile roofing

Tile roofs are made of clay and ceramic materials. They are durable and less prone to moulding. Tile roofing doesn’t require heavy maintenance, and can pretty much withstand extreme heat or coldness. As the weight of the collective tiles is heavier than shell materials, your roof needs proper support for the material.
With the right roof type, you can improve your home’s appeal and make it less prone to weather damage.