Four Creative Loft Conversion Ideas

Transforming your loft is the most straightforward way to add space and value to Loft your home. Given the right amount of height and available floor space, you can pretty much work anything out of it. All you need is to be creative and come up with the ideas that would suit your loft.

Here are a few inspirations you may want to consider if you want a loft conversion in your house in London or any city.

An Ultra Cosy Loft Bedroom

Accommodate more guests for an overnight event when you transform your loft into a sleeping area. Depending on the floor plan and size of the area, you can add a mattress and cushions. You'll see that many homes today are adapting this idea which is a great opportunity for them to extend and add value into their space.

The Perfect Playroom

Want to put your attic into good use? Why not turn it into your children's play area? This would be the perfect idea most especially if your loft has slanted roofs or walls. Along with that, the space would allow movement and freedom. You could even place some of your digital consoles for their use. This could definitely free up your living room.

Turn It into a Reading Nook

If you want to have a library and love to collect books, your loft is the best place to keep your collection. All you need is a nice comfy chair, set up the lights, stacks of good reads and arrange them to create the perfect reading nook for the bookworm in you. Once you're all set, you could enjoy the quiet and peace your loft gives you.

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A Dream Workspace at Home

Another great and clever way to transform your loft is to turn it into a study room or a home office. Place a study or work table, couches, shelves and file cabinets and you're ready to be productive. Its location offers the peace of mind and focus you need especially when you're working from home.

Be it in London or somewhere else, these loft conversion ideas are sure to brighten up your attic as well as put this extra space into good use. You just need to be imaginative and you’ll certainly bring these ideas into life in no time!