First Things First: Should Your Wood Be Prefinished or Finished on Site?

Wooden Floor in AucklandThe floor is one of the most basic, but crucial parts to consider when you are building or renovating your home. Hardwood floors are among the most common flooring choices, and with good reason. They are sturdy, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

There may be more things to deliberate, however, when installing hardwood floors. One of these things to consider whether the chosen wood should be prefinished or finished on site. This comes down to personal preference, but every homeowner ought to consider the pros and cons to both options.

When Your Wood is Finished on Site

Customisation is allowable when your wood is finished on site. Prices for floor sanding would remain at par with prefinished wood since it would still be the first step. The outcome of wood that is finished on site, however, would have a smoother finish. This is because it is nailed into place, then sanded.

This finish also lets you have more control over the outcome. You could measure the oiling and staining of the wood to a precision bespoke to your taste and standards. Professionals would also be more likely to do this finish, as it requires more skill and experience.

When Your Wood is Prefinished

Prefinished wood appears as it promises to be. The oils and stains on it are permanently in place. This makes it easier to nail down upon an already established layout. The colours, wood strength, and textures have already matched the design of the room so there would be no need for customisations.

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This kind of wood is also less time consuming, as it will only take a day to lay all the planks down. There is a chance for unevenness, however, as the wood has not been tailor-fit for the design of the room. Wood also has the tendency to shift and expand with the weather, so consider this when selecting your preferred finish.

The floor finish can make all of the difference. It is important to note these facts so that you may make an informed decision as to which of these finishes are best suited for your home.