Finding the type of Heater to Fit Your Lifestyle

Man checking the water heater

Water heaters offer great comfort and are a really vital addition in improving your lifestyle. If you have ever had a cold shower during the winter then you will understand the luxury a heated shower brings.

There are many types of water heaters to choose from depending on the needs and location of your home. Whether you need to warm up or cool down there’s a compatible heating and cooling system for you. And if you need repairs and maintenance, Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical caters to a wide selection of water heaters and cooling systems for Lehi residents.

Conventional storage water heater

These are the most common water heaters. They use both natural gas water heaters and electric water heaters. This gives you more than one source of energy. This type of heaters maximizes its heating capacity to provide instantaneous delivery of hot water. Propane takes time to bring the water to heat but doesn’t cost electricity. But if you are on the rush the electrical heating option can heat your water quickly without burning fuel.

Tankless water heater

Also referred to as on-demand heaters, they use intense flashes of heat against water-filled coils to heat the water quickly as it is needed eliminating the need for installing a tank as is the case in conventional water heaters. They are very energy efficient and can be sized to provide a continuous flow of hot water making it convenient and effective for a large family.

Heat pump water heater

Heat pump water heaters capture the warm air in the atmosphere and transfer it to the water. Heat pumps work like refrigerators in reverse. While refrigerators expel the heat from the inside to cool, heat pumps pull heat from the outside to heat the water inside. This enables them to conserve around 60% of the electricity used in standard electric water heaters.

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Solar water heater

Mounted on the rooftops, solar water heaters absorb the heat from the sun to boil the water stored in the tanks. The energy used to heat the water comes from the sun, meaning you don’t have to worry about paying for electricity bills and gas. You don’t need to worry if it’s raining and you want a warm bath. Some models are also linked with electric and gas heaters to enable them to heat water during the winter season when there is minimal sunshine.

Condensing water heater

This is a very efficient heating system. They achieve a high thermal efficiency by using waste heat to pre-heat the cold water entering the boiler. Condensing water heaters capture hot exhaust gases and use them to heat water in a tank. This enables them to deliver consistent warmth without the noise and hassle related with forced air systems.

Water heaters come with varying advantages and components. This could be both convenient and inconvenient. Understanding the make of the heating system you want could serve you best in the long run.