Fighting the Chef’s Block: Find Inspiration

Kitchen Troubles

Kitchen TroublesIn the culinary world, chefs and cooks are artists. They are souls who feel the need to create something new, beautiful and delicious. The plate is their canvas, the ingredients their paint and the kitchen their studio.

But, like artists, they also suffer from artistic slumps. Just like writers who claim to suffer from writer’s block, chefs also have their fair share of moments when they just cannot create something new.

Passionate cooks know this to be true. And it is something that should be solved. Here are a few ways to break through the block and get back in the game.

Hit the Books

Cookbooks are there for a reason. They are repositories of culinary knowledge, written by chefs who have dedicated themselves to storing their experience, passion and knowledge onto paper. Take inspiration from these. Find a good recipe that will pique your interest and curiosity. And once you feel that spark, do not let it get away. Grab a pen and paper, and get your imagination going.

Other references also include cooking shows and food blogs. Do not be shy to return to your roots. Find inventive ways to change conventions. Once you internalise those recipes, your mind of culinary passion will do the rest.

Take a Walk

No, really. Taking a walk frees your mind of unwanted clutter. It helps you think.

Go somewhere random. Science says exploring new places helps your brain free up space, letting new ideas come flooding in. While at it, explore the food scene at Kennington. Take a trip to the many restaurants the district has to offer.

Britain is known for incorporating many cuisines, what with its diverse population. Try Thai restaurants for a flavour of Southeast Asia. Want to visit Bombay? Kennington Tandoori recommends visiting one of the Indian restaurants nearby.

Or you can get the classic fish and chips at any good pub. Spend time alone with good food and good atmosphere, and ease your mind back into creative thinking.

If you are having artistic slumps in the kitchen, perhaps you just need a new perspective. Try something new. You can beat the creative deadlock yet.