Fencing Choices: Different Types of Aluminum Grades

An outside fenceThe American Dream was once referred to as a house with a white picket fence, but guess what? That alone will not give you the security you need, especially in today’s society. You can build your fence with various materials, such as steel, vinyl, and aluminum. Among the three, aluminum is a practical and popular choice.

Each application is different, which is why there are residential- and commercial-grade aluminum fences, as well as those used to surround swimming pools.

Residential grade

One characteristic that sets residential grade aluminum fence aside is its weight and durability. Aluminum fencing designed for residential use are light enough for homeowners to install and repair by themselves. Despite its weight, these are durable and low-maintenance, which reduces its cost. This is perfect for homes with pets and children as it keeps them from roaming outside your property. Plus, it keeps uninvited guests out.

Commercial grade

Commercial grade fences, on the other hand, provide higher levels of security due to its weight and increased durability. It is comparatively heavier than the previous one because its design allows it to withstand harsh elements that your home or office might need protection from. Like residential grade fences, these are also low-maintenance.

Industrial grade

Industrial grade fences are the thickest, strongest, and most durable among the three as these are commonly used for driveway gates where the fence will be continuously used like in shipping and receiving areas.

Pool grade

While you can also use commercial grade fencing for pools, pool grade aluminum fences are more suitable, as these comply with Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA) guideline. Pool grade fences have self-closing and self-latching capabilities for its pool gates, which makes it suitable, especially for families with pets and children who may end up trying to go the pool area unattended.

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Which aluminum grade do you think suits your property best? Consult with a fence installation company today and know about the various options that you have.