Enjoying the Benefits of Walk-In Tubs for the Elderly

Senior in the Tub

Negotiating through the bathroom is a challenge for the elderly. For one, it can be slippery, and most seniors no longer possess the balance and strength they used to enjoy when they were younger. For households with seniors, the usual solution is to place handrails or designating someone to assist the older member of the family into the bathroom.

By installing a walk in tub for seniors, your elderly loved one will get a lot more help regarding mobility.

Life-Changing Small Step

The walk-in tub can significantly improve the quality of life of a senior. The tub is innovatively designed to address their mobility needs. It features a door that opens inwards, safety handles and rails, low threshold entry, built-in contoured seats, and slip resistant flooring. Thus, the elderly will not easily slip or strain just to get in the tub. It offers a safe bathing environment for users.

Knowing that your elderly parent or loved one can bathe safely and comfortably will give you peace of mind. The tub allows the elderly to take a bath in private on their own. This gives them a sense of independence that will help revitalize them. Being able to show some semblance of independence is important for the seniors’ well-being. It boosts their self-confidence and dignity.

Healing Baths

There are tub models that come with air or water jet systems. The jets are strategically located in the tub to offer a spa-like experience and to provide optimum health benefits.

The elderly can enjoy hydrotherapy that helps relieve sore muscles and joints, and soothe aching hips, legs, lower back, and arms. According to the American Cancer Society, hydrotherapy also helps provide relief from symptoms of various ailments and promote relaxation. Soaking in the tub also helps increase blood flow and improve heart health.

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Independence, safety, and healing: these are only some of the benefits that your elderly loved one will enjoy from using a walk-in tub. Simply put, it is a sound investment.