Easy Relocation: Effective Categorisation Steps


boxesNot everyone enjoys the arduous process of relocating, especially when it comes to the most stressful part of it all: packing stuff. Sometimes it can seem impossible to fit in all the furniture, clothes, utensils and whatnots in boxes and crates. As with any problem, there is a solution: labelling through categories.

Categorising is one of the most effective ways to pack up all your belongings and setting it out in the new home a tad easier. Here are the steps to effective categorising:

  1. Plan your categories. You can set categories according to the rooms. It is a lot easier to find all things in boxes set in each room, because you can just recall where you usually place these. Another way to categorise is by household member. Ask your family to gather each of their belongings and arrange them in their own boxes. Common utilities such as kitchen utensils and toiletries will have separate shelves. Also plan categories for disposable and reusable items. Plan what to take and which to dump.
  1. Store your furniture in storage facilities. com.au suggests storing furniture in local storage a few days before the removal. This will clear up the pathways during packing and help you visualise the packing itself. Without the gargantuan grand piano and couch to worry about, you can move and assess your smaller belongings freely.
  1. Prepare boxes and other containers. Create a system of packing by preparing colour coded or labelled boxes based on your set of categories. Keep a “one box per category” system to avoid confusion when you start unpacking. Make containers distinguishable from each other by using colours, sizes and designs rather than making them uniform.
  1. Do a quick inventory of what goes in each box. Create a checklist of what goes in each container. You can either paste the list on the box or keep them in your notebook so you can manage and control all your containers.
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These are the steps in making categories work for you. Enjoy the process of packing by categorising and have a blast in your relocation.