Earthy Colours, the Home as Oasis: Home Interior Design Trends of 2017

An example of interior design

There is a huge shake up of interior trends predicted in 2017.

This year seems to usher in a change in mood—one that favours natural and earthy colours, textures and materials. There is also an emphasis on the home as a space for retreat rather than a space for entertainment.

Here is a quick guide to interior design trends this year:


Warm and earthy colours will replace 2016’s popular cool and white tones. This year is all about tones of sienna, tan, terracotta, stronger rust and russet. The palettes are not for border tiles, unlike in the 1980s. Instead, you’ll see them on walls, furniture and accent décor objects, as well as feature walls and fireplace cladding.


This year is about embracing the ‘luxist’ style, which channels the art deco movement. Polished marble, Roca cistern-less toilet and rose gold accents are the trends du jour. In addition, there will be less controlled floor plans and more freedom when it comes to space. Styles will be more laidback and relaxing, too.

Sasha deBretton, Perth’s leading renovator, explains that homeowners should hire professionals instead of going the do-it-yourself route when it comes to style. Most homeowners would benefit from the expertise of a professional who knows precisely which colours and styles mix well in one space.


Kitchens are becoming shared family spaces. It is becoming a multifunctional space, permitting working, lounging and entertaining within the same area. This room ‘borrows’ style from other rooms, with some kitchens decorated with a dining table and a bench top that doubles as a home office workspace.

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Marble is still the preferred material for kitchens, although you’ll notice more green- and brown-toned slabs.


Homeowners are turning to large-format tiling. It’s a trend that easily appeals to practical homeowners who don’t have to worry about cleaning; it has fewer grout lines.

In addition, the trend towards colour continues in the bathroom, with tiles, basins and toilets in dark green, brown and charcoal colours.

These trends are a big leap from the style preferences of previous years. Keep in mind, though, to consider the latest styles that apply to your interior design goals.