Dull vs. Sharp: An Easy Choice for Safety

Sharp Knives

Sharp KnivesYou might think that a dull knife is safer to use; after all, it won’t slice your skin that easily. In the kitchen, however, most chefs believe that using a sharp knife is the safer option. Safety is all about knowing how to handle a knife the right way, whether it is dull or sharp. When it comes to slicing or cutting up food on the board, sharper is better. Here are some of the reasons:

Efficient Cuts

Cooking is not just about mixing ingredients together and putting them above a flame. It is also about presenting your food in an appetising manner for a better dining experience. To achieve this, a set of knives is necessary to prepare the ingredients, such as meat and vegetables. A sharp knife allows you to slice all these with ease, whether you are going for thick cuts or thin strips. Sharp knives make cutting faster, so you take less time preparing.

No Accidents

A dull knife can still injure with enough pressure. Since it would not cut on the first slice, you tend to put more effort into it. Doing this puts more pressure and may result in slippage. This is how you accidentally cut your finger. A sharp knife, however, simply slides through surfaces without tension. This leaves little work for your other hand as support. Not only do sharp knives keep you safe, but they also save you more energy, so you do not look dishevelled every after cooking session.

Having knives of different sizes is not enough for your kitchen. Get a knife sharpener to complete the set. Constant use may cause the edges to become dull, but a sharpener will keep your tools at their best.