Double the Beds, Double the Creativity: Tips to Make the Most of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds

Bunk bedsWhile bunk beds may seem plain and boring, there are actually ways to make them fun and exciting for your children.

One of the main reasons to buy them is their space-saving quality. Like all parents, you want to get the best deal for your money. Below are some tips to double up the function and creativity of your kids’ double decker. This is still, of course, with the necessary safety measures in mind.

They Don’t Have to Be Symmetrical

While bunk beds are usually symmetrical, going the other way offers more opportunity for creativity and improvisation. Whether it be by width, length or placement, getting creative with the positioning of the beds is a sure eye catcher.

If you’re wondering where to get these asymmetrical bunk beds, there are trusted furniture providers like Kids Cottage Furniture that offer customized designs.

They Don’t Have to Be Just Beds

Double deck beds are mainly for sleeping, but with a slight change in positioning and size, you can add some additional functions to them. Arranging them in different manners like a T-shape, L-shape or even U-shape  (if you’re dabbling with more than just two beds), makes more space for recreation and function both beside, under, and over the different beds.

Turn the extra space at the bottom into a mini study area or a small lounge for your children.  Double up on the fun; have the wall lined with two bunk beds, and have the midpoint built as a shelf to maximize space.

They Don’t Have to Be Out in the Open

One of the comfiest tips on this list is having bunk beds built inside the wall. In doing so, the bed serves as more of a nest and nook for your kids, giving them a snug feel in their sleep. This also offers more floor area for your kids to play in with fewer protruding structures to keep in mind.

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The possibilities are endless, just look at some of the freshest bunk bed ideas online. Enjoy the extra space along with the creativity and simplicity they offer.