Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold: Spotting Potential Furnace Problems

HVAC Repair Service

It is common for some furnaces or heating systems to fail or stop working correctly under extreme weather conditions. This is because the too cold temperature may cause the system to use more energy or work harder to keep your house comfortable. This makes it essential to have your furnace serviced annually or before the cold season starts.

A furnace inspection prolongs the lifespan of the system, while also helping you save energy. Failure to maintain the system, on the other hand, may cause it to operate inefficiently and increase your monthly energy bills. There is also the risk of the HVAC emergency or the system failing during the holidays, leaving you and your family cold.

Furnace repair experts in St Charles note that apart from annual inspection, you should also recognize potential furnace problems before it gives up. Here are some signs you’re heating system may need repairs:

Turning on and off quickly

Rapid cycling condition or turning on and off faster of the furnace is a sign that it may have problems with the wiring or ignition system. You may want to call a professional if you notice this issue in a heating system that used to work properly.

Turning up of thermostat for comfort

If you always feel the need to increase the setting of your thermostat, it is best to inspect the heating system. This may mean that you have problems with the furnace or your thermostat.

Noisy system

Many furnaces operate with some sound, but if your system makes noise that continues to become louder, you should have an expert inspect it. It may have a broken or cracked belt or ignition problem.

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Increased energy bills

In most cases, an old or a poorly maintained furnace can cause your energy bills to rise. A poorly sized hearing system also does the same. This is because both use excessive amounts of energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Don’t ignore the signs that your furnace needs inspection or repair. It is best to keep an eye on these systems to avoid emergencies, especially during the holiday season. Even if your heating system seems to be working fine, it is best to call in professionals to make sure that there is nothing to worry about.