Design Ideas in 2018 for Every Home

Modern and spacious living room

Modern architecture and design is a hodge podge of different influences. However, some of these have gone out of fashion. Gold gilded roofs and ornate frames have lost their flavor as being tacky.

Lifestyle expert Homes by Tradition recommends that you bathe your new home construction in Lakeville, MN in earth tones and off-white motifs. This is the modern sensibility in design and architecture. It harkens to the Scandinavian heritage of the settlers.

It is less of the minimalist Bauhaus influences, but still utilitarian and strikingly beautiful.

Trends and Fashion

There is a dichotomy or a dilemma when it comes to architecture and interior design. Architecture, because of its nature is dated. It is almost easy to determine when they built a house just by looking at it. This leads to design ideas that should stand the test of time.

Over the top design does not age well, whereas minimalist designs, described as Zen-like or Bauhaus-inspired, are fashionable for a longer time.


Other trends for the modern home border on being minimalist. At the very least, you could easily and affordably change these designs. These trends include metallic accents, tropical prints, and textures. In terms of walls, new inspirations are coming from saturated hues.

These are intense colors in deep tones. The colors are rich and far from neutral. For example, wall paints stray from red and old rose, and almost reaching maroons, while others are mustard yellow, emerald green, and indigo. It would be a sight to see when Sherwood green finally comes into the living room.

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Between textured walls and saturated colors, there are also subdued prints. This style results in a predominantly white and almost grayish design with the subtle and soft prints. You would have to come near the wallpaper to see the prints, but they are there more for the texture than any concealed messages.