Décor That Counts: Little Things that Boost Home Value

Home Decor in Perth

Home Decor in PerthMost people think that home décor is just home décor – nothing more but pieces that aim to catch attention and enhance a space. Whilst there is truth to this statement, the definition of the same should not be limited to such. Décor should not simply strive to decorate; it should achieve something greater than that.

In the case of homes, décor should achieve two things: function and value. Which types of décor, however, can achieve both these things? Let’s take a look at the three things that improve home value in this short list:

Window Treatments

What you put on your windows does have a say on how buyers will perceive the value of your home. It is easy to add a few hundred dollars to your home value if you install blinds and shutters Perth, WA contractors have to offer. This is because window treatments are not only beautiful, but also functional.


A dim home is a sad abode – and that is the last thing you want your property to look like if you plan to sell it soon. For this reason, it is worth considering investing in new lights. Such fixtures can create a unique ambiance for your space, whilst also ensuring that the rooms are well-lit. As the function and the value are there, you can count on these décors to be worth it.


Last but not the least, we have mailboxes. This is one of the first things you get to see when you drive up to the house. Mailboxes could either be dull and tasteless or strikingly beautiful – and that depends on how you maintain them. This is the reason it is important to give it a fresh coat of paint and refurbish it from time to time. Let the mailbox serve as a distinct accent in your lawn.

Home décors are something you have to keep in check. Not only for beauty, but also for value. Keep in mind that whatever you have in your property has an effect on how much its listing price ends up being.