Deck the Office Halls: Setting the Best Christmas Party


CupcakesIt’s the Yuletide season. Everyone in the office, from the mighty CEO down to the intern, knows that Christmas is coming. They can already hear the bells and the jingle. Of course, a Christmas party is in order.

This is a staple event in most working environments in the corporate world. It serves as an important component in keeping employee morale up. It also shakes things up before the year ends. When organizing a merry event for the folks at work, use this guide.

A Feast

Christmas is known for all the delicious grub for everyone in the family to feast on. In your party’s case, the office folks are the members of the family, and they all deserve treats. Plan a good feast, from starters to desserts.

Let the food committee decide whether you’ll go for potluck contributions or if you will hire a caterer for the event. Either way, make the celebrations extra special by including classic Christmas treats like hot chocolate.

Games and Merrymaking

A party is an event. That said, there should be a clear program to know what will happen in the office for the time allotted. Committees can draft plans for games, team building, and other activities, say a Christmas Caroling competition between office departments, or a Christmas Carol karaoke. Be creative!

Prizes and Souvenirs

Christmas only comes once a year. By extension, Christmas parties only happen once a year, so let the employees enjoy. Let them make happy memories.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop after the party. Make sure they have something to remind them of the fun they had. Complement the games and food with gifts for them to take home. Prizes and souvenirs, like shirts and shot glasses, work well. According to Marcelita’s Cookies, take-home munchies like cookies or cupcakes in gift baskets are a good idea, as well. Employees should go home with smiles on their faces.

You have a few weeks before Christmas comes. Start planning and give the office the best Christmas party they’ll ever have.