Customization Options for Plantation Shutters

Customizing your window shutters

Curtains were the only window treatment option in the past. Thankfully, this is not the case anymore.  Plantation shutters are currently the popular options for most property owners.

These are permanently installed on your windows and come in various styles. There are different options a Dallas TX shop like Classic Home Dallas will give you for customizing your plantation shutters to suit your space. Here are some of them.

Divider Rail and Framing

These are used to customize your shutter’s opening style. Full framing will open your shutters in one panel from the top down. Half framing will cover half the window offering a clear eye-level view of the outside when seated much like a cafe. Divider rails are narrow stationary trips which run horizontal and allow you to open your top lovers and leave the bottom closed.

Mounting Pattern

Plantation shutters can either be mounted on the interior or exterior opening of your windows. Décor experts recommend interior mounting for windows with a decorative molding or trim and an outer mounting for those without. In interior mounting, your shutter will be directly attached to your window frame’s hinges or a small shutter frame. Shutters for exterior mounting come with built-in molding to enhance your windows’ look.


Plantation shutters generally come in 5 ½’’, 4 ½’’, 2 ½’’ and 3 ½’’ louver sizes.  Large louvers will generally offer a clear outside view when tilted in an open position. 2 ½’’ plantation shutters make your windows look proportional to your room since they comprise more strips compared to larger ones.

Plantation shutters are a gorgeous window treatment choice for any commercial or residential space. With the above options, you can rest assured they will fit right in with the rest of your décor. The shutters come in various colors and finishes as well, and you can hence match them to your color scheme and overall finish.

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