Couple Trouble: Surviving Home Renovation with Your Spouse


Any home renovation project is realrennovationly a stressful process. This becomes even more challenging when you do it with your significant other, as both of you have different preferences. Below are some ways to reduce stress when renovating:

Plan Ahead and Make Sure to Agree on Things

When it comes to choosing a design, paint colours and other things like pieces of furniture, some couples find it difficult to agree on the same choices. This sometimes leads to serious fights. For this reason, it’s important to get your thoughts out in the open. Buy a stack of magazine and sit down with your spouse and choose a house design that matches your personal taste. This will help you discover what your expectations are. When you and your partner are still in disagreement, it’s best to ask the advice of a pro instead.

Be Specific

Contractors don’t like uncertainty. Communicate well with them upfront, so you won’t run into any misunderstandings later on. Make a list of materials you want to use in your project and sit down with them to make sure all your choices make sense.

Prepare for Hidden Costs

Most people usually decide to change something halfway through the renovation project. Because of this, unplanned expenses happen. Talk to your interior designer, so you’ll know the cost you expect to rise. Both you and your spouse should be prepared for hidden costs, so you can also get your finances ready.

Know the Law

When considering house renovations, Perth homeowners suggest making sure you know all the rules and regulations in your area. There are some places with strict building regulations. Thus, you or your partner should ask permission from the local authority, so you won’t end up undoing any work you’ve already finished.

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Avoid Too Much DIY

Though taking some DIY projects helps you control costs, it also has the possibility to slow the whole renovation project down. Note that too much of something is bad. Don’t risk doing things yourself, so you won’t end up wasting materials that will make your spouse mad.

Home improvement requires both time and money, but it doesn’t have to feel like a daunting task. With a concrete plan and a really good designer to work with, both you and your spouse can lessen the stress tied to a major home renovation.