Cost Effective Ways to Transform an Ugly Deck Into a Stunning Space


gutterIf your deck is in really bad shape and in full view of the neighbors, it’s high time you do something about it. Attempt temporary solutions and patchwork and it will likely stay unsightly, maybe even worse.

If you are not ready to spend half your savings on a new deck, check out these suggestions and discover cost-effective ways to re-create your deck so that you can invite friends over without feeling embarrassed over an ugly deck in MN.

Clean and protect your deck

One of the best remedies for a neglected deck is a thorough cleaning. To beautify an ugly deck, professional cleaners might have to scrub and wash off layers of mold and moss. But given enough time and the right cleaning implements, your deck’s original beauty will be revealed. You have to remove all sorts of debris prior to adding other applications.

Find the best quality moisture barrier and protect your deck. Waterproofing a newly-cleaned and painted deck is the last step in the process of a deck make-over. You will find many different types of finishes and textures to choose from. Decorative coatings are also easy to access. You can order online or explore offers in nearby stores. Some products are so versatile they can be applied directly on wood or concrete.

Invest in growing things

Before you invest in high end deck furniture or a new beverage stall, think about the landscaping first. You can enhance the beauty of your newly cleaned neck with simple ornamental plants. You can even install a permanent planter so that you won’t have to move pots and seed boxes to accommodate additional fixtures. Assign permanent spots for shrubs, herbs, and flowering plants and instantly transform your deck into a paradise of growing things.

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If you’re not sure how to use a pressure washer, call for a professional deck cleaning service. Add a few well-chosen plants. Lastly, after the major deck renovation, resolve to keep it in great shape with regular cleaning and scheduled preventive maintenance.