Connecting Rooms Around the House Through Colour

home painting ideas

home painting ideasWhite washed rooms simply don’t cut it for every homeowner.

With so many different colours and themes to choose from, true blue homeowners would want to personalise their living space every so often and add a dash or two of dazzling colour combinations here and there.

While changing repainting rooms does add colour and vibrancy to the house, master painters and decorators such as affirm that there is a thin line between a colourfully attractive interior and one that looks like a mad jumble because of an overdose of colour infusions.

Connect each room in your house with smooth continuity. Here are a few tips to help make rooms flow into each other through colour:

• Let it Flow

To avoid drastic changes which may not be so pleasing to the eyes, use colours that flow to connect adjoining rooms. This works particularly great with homes that have an open floor plan as well as rooms that have wide openings connecting each other.

• Unify Through Trimming

By using trimming with a neutral colour that goes well with everything such as black or white, you can maintain a pattern of uniformity from room to room. This in spite of the fact that the dominant wall colour may vary greatly among individual rooms.

• Thread Each Room

Avoid turning rooms into a hodgepodge mix by threading each of them with a single unifying colour. This way, even if you give each room its own distinctive colour and feel, it can still retain a central theme that is present all around the house.

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• Play with Constant Colours

Use anywhere from 3-5 colours and simply change which colour is prominent from room to room. This way, you can vary the colours from room to room and play with the intensity of all colours, while retaining a central theme all throughout the house.

Indulging in all your colourful fancies can make rooms look like uncomfortable juxtapositions forced upon each other. So long as you keep these helpful tips in mind, you can achieve a sense of unity among different rooms with varying colours while still giving each one its own unique identity.