Common Types of Insulation to Consider for Your Next Project

a man performing blow in blanket insulation

As a homeowner in Kansas City, you have probably heard that BIBS insulation is one of the ways to improve your home’s comfort and save on energy utility bills. However, what they did not tell you is that there are many insulation types, and your choice will affect the overall comfort of your home.

Here are the classifications of insulation that you can use in your home and their characteristics:

Blanket Insulation

This type of insulation typically comes in either rolls or batts. The insulation material comprises flexible fibers that are mostly fiberglass. You do not require any equipment or special skills to install this insulation. This insulation is cheap to acquire and comes in different sizes to fit areas of varying widths.

Blow-In Fiberglass

This insulation is loose in structure and consists of recycled glass that is in fiber form. The insulation is useful in both closed and open insulation applications. This insulation covers the entire spaces around pipes and in wall cavities to seal all air gaps.

The installation process requires the professional help of an insulation expert. Upon proper installation, this insulation offers sound control, more comfort and a higher R-value for better insulation than the other classes of insulation.

Cellulose Insulation

This insulation is a product of the recycling process of paper products such as newspaper, thus green and relatively cheap. The manufacturer shreds the materials into fibers and further treats the fiber against pest infestation and flammability.

When using this insulation for open spaces such as the attic, you should create a loose fill and create a dense fiber pack when placing in cavities.

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Regardless of your choice of insulation, if your home has air leaks, they will compromise the functioning of your insulation. Therefore, look for a company in Kansas City that uses the BIBS insulation to install the right insulation materials for maximum energy efficiency in your home.