Collecting Rainwater: 3 Ways You Can Make the Most of Stored Rainwater

Rainwater tank

It’s said that the best things in life are free and nothing could be closer to the truth than rainwater pouring down from the sky. Instead of watching it soak the earth and form large puddles, you might want to consider gathering some of its droplets in large corrugated water tanks.

In fact, revealed that this system of storing water has been in practice since the colonial times. The water you stored can then be used to water your garden, clean the laundry, and wash the dishes. To make rainwater harvesting effective, you need other tools to make the process better and easier. What are these?

Gutter Filter

Although you can use your existing roof gutter to harvest rainwater, you would want to install a filter that repels leaves and other debris. This ensures that the rainwater you harvested is free of elements that could otherwise affect its quality.


Equip your downpipe with a diverter. Renewable Energy UK describes this as a device that directs collected rainwater from the gutter straight to your corrugated water tanks. Information from their site further reveals that using this device will guarantee you to have free clean water that’s way better than chlorine-treated tap water. If you want to know where you can find water tanks for sale, ask an expert or check business listings as there might be a shop near you that offers them.

Plumbing and Water Pumps

Now that you have a system set up for water harvesting, you will need a series of plumbing pipes to deliver water to a designated place. While you can use several pipes for an outlet, it’s better to keep it to a minimum or else you run the risk of emptying your water tank quickly. If you prefer, you can use a pump if you want to use your stored water to clean your car.

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Using stored rainwater for a variety of applications is both economical and environmentally-friendly. With it, you need not worry about excessive water bills when doing the laundry, watering your garden, or cleaning your car.